Talend Migration Projects Using Zendeux Fast Track Integration Services

Often, in data integration and data migration projects, there are unaccounted for hidden costs that creep up and cost businesses a significant amount of money as well as implementation delays. Our experience working with a number of Fortune 500 companies shows that one must account for all costs associated with these projects beyond standard ETL functionality to measure true ROI.

As part of any data integration project Zendeux manages, our Talend experience, while critical, is only one part of our overall data integration strategy. Our project management philosophy brings a holistic approach to project management. We take into account all aspects of successful data management.

Using a best of breed data integration tool such as Talend without attention to what data should be considered and how that data should be normalized and validated will not create the quality result needed in a data integration project. Determining what information assets should be used and how they should be tailored during the data integration project is a critically important part of the data integration project, perhaps more so than what tool is used to move the data.

To this end, our data migration and integration services are designed to save our clients money related to resourcing, project time, and indirect costs with a focus on what data should be moved and how it should be represented in the target application. Once we measure those costs, we determine the most effective approach to ensure positive ROI for their project due to cost savings and tangible business benefits.

A data consolidation project that we successfully completed for a national real estate investment company illustrates this. Their goal was to integrate disparate real estate information from companies that they had acquired in major US real estate markets.

Prior to engaging us, the client looked at the consolidation process purely as a standard data migration project. After Zendeux provided an initial analysis of the data contained in these databases, the client realized there was much more work required beyond simple one to one data migration. Our analysis showed that these databases used different metadata definitions and data formats to represent such things as property value, legal title and property description. Just migrating data as is to a single data repository would not have provided accurate data fit for its business purpose, a single source of truth in a consolidated national real estate database.

Before engaging Zendeux, they planned to hire one or two in-house full time resources to augment their IT team. They would be responsible for implementing a simplified data migration process. This process would consolidate the many and disparate legacy databases into a single national data repository within a SalesForce.com CRM application. The consolidated data would then be loaded into a new real estate application under development as part of this project.

Our comparative analysis of their in house employee approach VS our fast track services showed them how we could reduce the project timeline by 29 months and save them $408,000 in SalesForce.com subscription fees alone! Overall, we achieved a total savings of $570,000. We accomplished this by eliminating the time consuming tasks that would have been required during the ETL project trying to repair data problems in real time. They avoided this problem through the use of our methodology.

This approach is something we offer to all of our prospective clients. The presale analysis and ROI analysis is completely free of cost. If we cannot show you an ROI, then we will at least leave you with a great costs analysis!

To learn more about our data migration and integration services, please feel free to contact us directly at info@zendeux.com or visit our site www.zendeux.com.

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