300% ROI in Data Migration Project Using Zendeux Data Integration Services

Often, in every IT project, there are hidden costs that are not accounted for that creep up and cost businesses a significant amounts of money.  During my previous roles as an executive at several Fortune companies.I realized that one must correctly account for all costs associated with an IT project to measure true ROI.

When we established Zendeux years ago, our basic premise and philosophy in doing business was to bring tangible value to our clients.  This is mainly because I had played the role of the client to so many vendors and consulting companies that tried to sell me benefits only, leaving me to guess the value!  That is why we always begin our engagements with understanding the true business objective and tangible value while measuring the direct and indirect costs of the project.

Zendeux Fast Track Data Migration Services


To this end, our data migration and integration services are designed to save our clients money related to resourcing, project time, and indirect costs.  Once we measure those costs, we then come up with the most effective approach to ensure positive ROI in their project due to costs saving and/or tangle business benefits.

I like to illustrate the success of this approach using a recent project we did for a large national real estate investment company with offices in all major US cities.  Before becoming our client, they were planning  to hire one or two in-house full time resources to augment their IT  team.  These new employees were intended to help migrate data from seven different legacy systems to Salesforce.com and then from there into their brand new in-house custom CRM system.  These systems were scattered across 25 locations nationally.

To untrained eyes, hiring in-house resources are certainly more cost effective than hiring an outside vendor to do the job.  However,  working together with the client,

our joint analysis of their costs and timeline estimate using the in-house approach VS our fact track services showed them how we could reduce the project timeline by 29 months and save them $408,000 in Salesforce subscription fees alone!  Overall, we showed a saving of about $570,000 and 300% ROI.

We gave them two fast track options, one with us doing the entire data migration project, or a hybrid model with a lower cost to work with their existing resources to complete the job in 6 months instead of 35 months!

We finished  the job on time and on budget!  By reducing the project timeline we managed to reduce the significant cost associated with interim license fees and project resource costs.  Our project management also significantly reduced non-tangible business costs by avoiding  a lengthy deployment of a new CRM system.

This approach is something we offer to all of our prospective clients. The presale analysis and ROI analysis is completely free of cost.  If we cannot show you an ROI, then we will at least leave you with a great costs analysis!

To learn more about our data migration and integration services, please feel free to contact us directly at info@zendeux.com or visit our site www.zendeux.com.