Competitive Data Benchmarking

Zendeux’s industry benchmarking enables companies to measure their data asset value, quality, completeness, and capabilities with their competitors.  This provides businesses with a significant competitive edge over others in their field.

Many businesses who sell data or insight as their core product offering can hugely benefit from our competitive benchmarking.  Data provider businesses are often challenged in the market place by claims from their competitors have better quality or more complete data.  In absence of hard data, it is very difficult to fight these sales or marketing claims in front of potential or existing clients.

industry benchmarktg 1Zendeux provides quantitative and qualitative data analysis for regional and global markets. We provide strategic insights to make confident business decisions. We preserve constant networking with customers, suppliers and competitors therefore we assure you a whole visibility of the complete value chain for your market. We have years in experience with proven interviewing and data collection techniques offering you data accuracy and integrity.

These industry reports

  • Study annual trends;
  • Forecast statistics;
  • Industry’s drivers and challenges;
  • Discuss growth challenges at various levels;
  • Supply chain analysis;
  • Explore JV/partnership opportunities;
  • Profiles major players;
  • Competitive market analysis;
  • Demand and supply scenarios in the consumer goods industry and much more.

These industry research reports provide cutting-edge decision support services that facilitate critical decisions with greater speed, insight, and cost efficiency.

Zendeux has build a core competency around researching, discovering, analyzing, and benchmarking competitive data across multiple vendors.  Our analysis have not only shown the owners of these studies how they compare to their competitors with respect to data quality and completeness, but also have become aware of their own challenges before their clients or competitors could. 

industry benchmarktg 2In many cases our analysis have helped our clients discover major data quality issues and resolve them before they were discovered by others.  In other instances they were able to realize data completeness and functionality gaps that later were added to stay ahead of their competition.

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