Zendeux Data Mgmt Framework

Zendeux Data Management Framework™ (ZDMF) was developed to provide an integrated and holistic approach to managing data within an enterprise.  Most industry wide approaches to data management have been from specific and isolated areas such as data quality, governance, architecture, metadata, and others.  Within each domain, there are numerous methodologies, toolkits, technical solutions, and best practices.  In reality all these seemingly unique data management domain overlap in part with the other domains and leverage similar assets.  ZDMF has atomized each data management domain into capabilities that can be used as tool in any data project as needed and even create new data management solutions.

This framework consists of 6 domains, Data Governance, Data Architecture, Data Integration, Data Quality, Metadata Management, and Data Risk Management.  Each domain also consists of a series of capabilities that leverage proprietary tools and techniques that bring together Business and IT stakeholders in a project to achieve the common goal.  ZDMF is based on the philosophy that data is business owned asset and everyone within an organization has a stewardship role in ensuring quality, integrity, security, and profitability for a company’s data assets.

ZMDF can enable any business and IT organization with the complete toolkit to manage all aspect of data management in one integrated and holistic fashion.  This orchestration in data management best practices ensure that all stakeholders and practitioners within the enterprise can work effectively to build a world class data management practice.  Each domain of the framework has simple step by steps methods along with powerful toolset to help business and IT work together to manage the enterprise data projects in an effective and sustainable fashion.